Commercialize articles from the Middle East that visually seek to enrich and complement personal tastes and spaces of coexistence, encouraging joy and generating environments full of romance, harmony, warmth and color.


Grow and be part of a select group of suppliers, satisfying the tastes of our customers in regard to decorative needs and accessories for personal use, contributing significantly to the difussion of the Middle East culture in the American continent.

Our Values


We adapt to the needs of each client, seeking and suggesting ideas and articles that make you feel satisfied with your purchase.


We are driven by the passion to find decorative solutions and accessories for personal use, that make our customers feel happy with the items they purchase.

Commitment to Quality

We are constantly seeking to improve our processes in terms of the products we offer and improving the processes of buying and selling with customers and suppliers.


We seek to spreak in all areas and platforms we use, the value of craft work and symbolism of them, contributing responsibly to the place that should be given in society.